Can a commander change a gs employees duty hours

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How do I file a complaint against an army officer?

You can file a complaint with the Armed Forced Tribunal regarding your issue against the officers in question. You can consult top AFT lawyers in India to file your complaint who will suggest you the correct recourse and draft and file your complaint with the AFT tribunal.

What is Part 2 order?

Part-2 order is the short form of Publication order. In army any individual (personal ) all DATA published by the thier unit authority. They issue two copy it. One copy of its has send to individual record office (RO) and one copy has preserved by the authority.

What is COPE coding?

The COPE Code of Conduct for Journal Editors is designed to provide a set of minimum standards to which all COPE members are expected to adhere.

What is the rank of commanding officer in Indian Army?

Commissioned officers
Ranks Description Retirement age
Lieutenant Colonel National emblem over five-pointed star. NA
Major National emblem. NA
Captain Three five-pointed stars. NA
Lieutenant Two five-pointed stars. NA


How do I report a commander in the army?


Reporting is nothing more than when an Officer or NCO wishes to speak with you, or you wish to speak to an Officer or NCO. When reporting to an officer indoor, simply knock on the door to the Officer’s office.

How can you report someone in the military?

Complaints of fraud, waste and abuse in the Department of Defense or any military service can be reported separately through a hotline that has been set up. Complaints can be called in Monday through Friday, 8am to 4pm EST, at 1-800-424-9098.

What is the pension of Subedar?

7th Pay Commission for Defence Pensioners – Calculation for Subedar (JCOs/ORs)
8 Family pension as on before revision 7614
9 Family pension at enhanced rate as on before revision (if applicable) 12690
10 Revised pension by multiplying pre-revised family pension by 2.57 32614


What is the pension of a retired army major?

Service element is similar to retiring pension i.e. 50% of last reckonable emoluments.It consists of pension for service actually rendered i.e. 50% of last pay drawn subject to a minimum of Rs. 3500/- pm.

What is special family pension?

Special family pension is granted to the NOK of deceased Army personnel when cause of his death due to injury or diseases accepted is as attributable to aggravated by military service. Covered under category ‘B’ & ‘C’ in terms of GOI, MOD letter dt. .

What is P3 t24?

…from PRIMARY HYPERTENSION. For BRONCHIAL ASTHMA, he was placed in Low Medical Category P3(T-24) with effect from October 2003, for PRIMARY HYPERTENSION in Low Medical Category … Medical Category P3(T-24) with effect from February 2011. In the present case T-24 means for a period of 24 weeks i.e. 6 months.

What is P2 category in army?

2011, the medical category of the petitioner was changed from P2(T- 24) to P2(Permanent) and as such, having been placed in Low Medical Category permanently, was required to be discharged from the Territorial Army service under the relevant rules. 10.

What is cope code in army?

Under this policy a COPE Coding System was put in place to guide the employability of Army Officers under: (a) C – Climate and terrain restrictions (b) O – Degree of medical observation required (c) P – Physical capability limitation (d) E – Exclusive limitations as per disease.

Is commander higher than general?

A numbered air force commander is normally a lieutenant general, although some may be in the rank of major general, especially in the Air Force Reserve or Air National Guard. The Major Command commanders are normally in the rank of general or lieutenant general.

How do you address a commanding officer?

In the United States Navy, commanding officer is the official title of the commander of a ship, but they are usually referred to as “the Captain” regardless of their actual rank: “Any naval officer who commands a ship, submarine or other vessel is addressed by naval custom as “captain” while aboard in command, …

How many soldiers does a general command?

The major general typically commands division-sized units (10,000 to 15,000 Soldiers). The lieutenant general typically commands corps-sized units (20,000 to 45,000 Soldiers). The senior level of commissioned officer typically has more than 30 years of experience and service.