Can employer reduce working hours uk

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Can an employer legally reduce your hours?

Can your employer reduce your hours, or lay you off? The short answer is – only if your employment contract allows it. If not, your employer will have to negotiate a change to your contract. Typically, this will involve many members of staff.

What are my rights to reduce my working hours?

Every employee, who has been employed for at least 26 weeks, has the legal right to ask to change their working hours. This is known as the right to request flexible working. It is a right to request to change your hours, not a right to insist that they be changed.

Is Reduced hours a reasonable adjustment?

Reduced working hours to accommodate a disability are a common example of an adjustment that may be reasonable under the Equality Act 2010 and this is also included as an example of a possible reasonable adjustment in EHRC guidance.

Does reducing hours affect redundancy?

If you fully accepted the reduced working hours as your normal week and never asked to return to full-time work, then your redundancy payment will be based on your gross pay for the reduced working hours.

Can my employer change my job role and reduce my salary?

Your employer isn’t entitled to simply bring in any change they wish. If your employer tries to make a change that you don’t agree with (for example trying to demote you or cut your pay), tell them immediately. Put your objections in writing, asking for reasons for the change and explaining why you don’t agree.

What would you say if you want to change your working hours so you can go to your part-time job?

How to request to go to part time
  • Understand why and when you’re asking to go part time. …
  • Prepare by compartmentalizing your role. …
  • Determine how many hours you’d like to work. …
  • Schedule a meeting with your manager. …
  • Submit a formal request and collaborate on solutions. …
  • Suggest a trial period. …
  • Reassure your manager and team.

Can my employer change my contract UK?

Usually, the employer and employee both need to agree to any contract changes. But an employee can insist on a change if they have a legal right to it.