Can employers ask for hourly rate in california

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What should I ask for my hourly wage?

Start your negotiation at the higher end of the range you’ve researched; that gives the employer some wiggle room to land somewhere in the middle. If the company says $15 an hour, and you think something around $17 is more in line with the job and your skills, ask for an hourly rate of $20.

What is California’s hourly rate?

Effective , the state minimum wage for employers with 25 or fewer employees will increase to $14 per hour from the current $13, and the state minimum wage for employers with 26 or more employees will increase to $15 per hour from the current $14. Legislation signed into law in 2016 by former Gov.

Can employers ask your salary?

California’s ban prohibits private and public employers from seeking a candidate’s pay history.

Can I ask HR for salary range?

California. In January 2018, California’s Equal Pay Act became the first in the country to ban employers from asking applicants about their salary history. It also requires employers to disclose the pay range for a job if an applicant asks for it after an initial interview.

Can you negotiate pay rate?

Typically, it’s best to negotiate your salary after you receive an offer rather than during earlier stages of the interview process. You have the most leverage after you’ve proven that you’re the best candidate for the job and you fully understand the employer’s expectations.

What is the average hourly wage in California 2021?

Schedule for California Minimum Wage rate 2017-2023.
Date Minimum Wage for Employers with 25 Employees or Less Minimum Wage for Employers with 26 Employees or More
$11.00/hour $12.00/hour
$12.00/hour $13.00/hour
$13.00/hour $14.00/hour
$14.00/hour $15.00/hour


Is it against the law to pay below minimum wage?

It is illegal for your employer to pay you less than the National Minimum Wage rates. So check your pay and talk to your manager to make sure you’re getting the wages you are legally entitled to.

Is minimum wage $15 in California?

Currently, California has two minimum wages: $15 an hour for employers with 26 or more employees, and $14 an hour for employers with 25 or fewer. The minimum wage was set to increase to $15 an hour for all employers in January 2023, but now will increase to $15.50 for all employers.

Can employees discuss wages in California?

In 2015, Governor Jerry Brown signed the California Equal Pay Act, a piece of legislation determined to expand existing anti-discrimination laws in California workplaces. The Act prohibits employers from forbidding employees from discussing their wages or the wages of other employees.

Why do employers ask for current salary?

Employers: Ask the candidates how they determined that number – understand the rationale behind the figure – it’ll also help to determine the person’s strength of interest and passion for the company. Hopefully you’ve already determined market value & a salary range based on what you’re able to pay.

How do you answer salary expectations?

Say you’re flexible.

You can try to skirt the question with a broad answer, such as, “My salary expectations are in line with my experience and qualifications.” Or, “If this is the right job for me, I’m sure we can come to an agreement on salary.” This will show that you’re willing to negotiate.