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Can employers ask for previous salary in California?

California Governor Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 168 into law in October of 2017. The new law goes into effect on . Assembly Bill 168 prohibits California employers from asking about an applicant’s prior salary. If an applicant asks, employers are also required to provide a pay range for the job.

Can HR ask your previous employer salary?

In California, neither public nor private companies can request past compensation information.

Is it illegal to discuss wages in California?

In 2015, Governor Jerry Brown signed the California Equal Pay Act, a piece of legislation determined to expand existing anti-discrimination laws in California workplaces. The Act prohibits employers from forbidding employees from discussing their wages or the wages of other employees.

Can my employer reduce my hourly rate in California?

Yes, but only if there is an employment contract or bargaining agreement. If you do not have a contract, your employer can legally reduce your work hours or cut pay and you may not have any recourse.

Do you have to disclose previous salary?

Salary history is personal information that you may choose to withhold from your employer. However, while there is no legal obligation to disclose your previous salary, there is no way to be sure how a particular employer may react. Declining to disclose your previous salary could result in losing the job opportunity.

In what states is it illegal to ask for salary history?

It’s illegal to ask for salary history in several states including California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Oregon and Vermont, which all have some form of ban for private employers.

What do I say when an employer asks for previous salary?

Applicants “should not disclose their previous salary but instead reframe their answer to express their salary expectations or requirements for the job,” according to Hoy. In other words, tell them what you expect to make, not what you’re currently paid.

Can a company verify your previous salary?

California’s ban prohibits private and public employers from seeking a candidate’s pay history.

How do you answer the question about your previous salary?

To answer the interview question, what are your salary expectations, choose a strategy that fits your level of comfort. Provide a salary range, include an opportunity for negotiation when the time is right, or deflect the question back to the recruiter.

Can you be terminated for discussing salary?

No, you cannot be fired for discussing wages at work. The majority of employed and working Americans are protected from discipline exercised simply due to protected classes, such as age, gender, race, and so forth.

Why you should not discuss salary?

“Employers hate it when employees discuss salaries because it exposes discrimination and other unfair pay practices,” she says. “If your employer has a written policy or contract prohibiting salary discussions, you can report them to the National Labor Relations Board.”

Can you ask salary expectations in California?

California. In January 2018, California’s Equal Pay Act became the first in the country to ban employers from asking applicants about their salary history. It also requires employers to disclose the pay range for a job if an applicant asks for it after an initial interview.

Can an employer take back overpaid wages in California?

Seyfarth Synopsis: California Labor Code § 221 states it is “unlawful for any employer to collect or receive from an employee any part of wages … paid … to said employee.” In other words, employers cannot just take money back to correct an overpayment of wages.

Can your boss just lower your pay?

The employer must pay you the agreed-upon salary for work you’ve already done. Bosses can absolutely lower salaries just like they can raise salaries. But, what they can’t do is lower your salary without telling you in advance and you (the employee) must agree to it.

Can a company lower your hourly pay?

An employer cannot usually impose a pay cut unilaterally on employees.