Can i get sick pay on zero hour contract

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How many sick days are you entitled to UK?

There is no legal limit on how many sick days per year UK employees can take. However, there are rules on when staff are entitled to Statutory Sick Pay (SSP).

How much is UK sick pay?

You can get £99.35 a week Statutory Sick Pay ( SSP ) for up to 28 weeks. You can get SSP from the fourth day you’re off sick. If you’re eligible, you’ll be paid SSP for all the days you’re off sick that you normally would have worked, except for the first 3.

How long do you get full pay on the sick?

You can get £99.35 per week Statutory Sick Pay ( SSP ) if you’re too ill to work. It’s paid by your employer for up to 28 weeks.

How many sick days a year are you entitled to?

(i) At the commencement of employment with the Department, a full time employee is granted an accrual of five days sick leave. (ii) After the first four months of employment, the employee accrues sick leave at the rate of ten working days per year for the balance of the first year of service.

How much is SSP 2021?

The SSP rate in 2021-22 is £96.35 a week for up to 28 weeks for employees who are too ill to work. The SSP rate was £95.85 a week in 2020-21. You can use a daily SSP rate if your employee isn’t off work for the whole week.

Do I get full SSP if I work part-time?

Yes, your employees should still receive statutory sick pay (SSP) even if they work part-time, providing they meet the qualifying criteria.

How do you calculate SSP?

To calculate the SSP, the weekly rate is divided by the number of qualifying days in a week, and multiplied by the number of eligible days.