How much does a grocery store manager make

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What is the highest paying grocery store job?

High Paying Grocery Jobs
  • Grocery Store Manager. Salary range: $44,000-$65,000 per year. …
  • Wine Manager. Salary range: $39,500-$58,500 per year. …
  • Fresh Food Manager. Salary range: $33,000-$55,500 per year. …
  • Bakery Technician. Salary range: $35,000-$55,000 per year. …
  • Head Baker. …
  • Meat Manager. …
  • Bakery Manager. …
  • Meat Department Manager.

What Store Manager gets paid the most?

Top companies for Store Managers in United States
  • Lowe’s Home Improvement. 3.5 $97,539per year. 50,741 reviews36 salaries reported.
  • Mattress Firm. 3.2 $92,314per year. 2,681 reviews436 salaries reported.
  • Walmart. 3.4 $86,068per year. …
  • Sears. 3.4 $74,798per year. …
  • Pep Boys. 3.1 $73,179per year. …
  • Show more companies.
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How long does it take to become a manager at a grocery store?

To be a Grocery Store Manager typically requires 5 years experience in the related area as an individual contributor. 1 – 3 years supervisory experience may be required. Extensive knowledge of the function and department processes.

How much does a general manager of a Walmart store make?

Store Manager

Manage a multi-million dollar business. The annual salary range for this position is $65,000 to $170,000.

What is the best grocery store chain to work for?

Top Grocery Stores employers hiring near you include Kroger with an employee rating of 3.1 out of 5, Whole Foods Market rated 3.5 out of 5, Publix with a rating of 3.8 out of 5, ALDI with a 3.5 out of 5, and H E B rated 4.2 out of 5 by employees.

What’s the highest pay at Walmart?

Highest Paying Jobs At Walmart

The higher paying positions at Walmart include software engineer, co-manager, inventory management specialist, and department manager. A worker with the title software engineer salary at Walmart can earn an average yearly salary of $123,821.

Is store manager a good career?

Yes, being a store manager is a good career.

Individuals who are results-oriented and have good communication skills will especially find becoming a store manager a good career. This is because this position is the go-to person who helps lower-level employees be successful and resolves complex customer issues.

How much does a Best Buy store manager make?

How much does a Store Manager make at Best Buy in the United States? Average Best Buy Store Manager yearly pay in the United States is approximately $76,471, which is 60% above the national average.

What should managers get paid?

As of , the average hourly pay for a Manager in the United States is $20.81 an hour.

At what age do most people become managers?

Research has found that a majority of bosses are at least 40 years old. Many bosses hold degrees in business, general studies and communication. To develop key leadership skills, aspiring bosses should become more self-disciplined and improve their communication with their current co-workers.

At what age should you become a manager?

Most managers learn their skills “on the job,” which essentially means “trial and error.” A December article in Harvard Business Review showcased research that the average age of first-time managers is 30 years old, while the average age of those in leadership training is 42.

What skills are needed to be a grocery store manager?

These seven retail manager skills are essential for any store
  • Multi-tasking. …
  • Decision-making. …
  • Leadership. …
  • Motivation. …
  • Organizational skills. …
  • Effective communication. …
  • Making the first sale of the day.

Do Walmart managers make 200k a year?

Walmart typically pays an annual salary of $200,000+ for store managers, according to, which is well above the $129,470 that BLS cites as the average salary for a sales manager. But even that may not be enough to recruit and retain qualified managers, according to the article.

How long does it take to become a manager at Walmart?

The minimum requirements are 2 years or general management experience to include financial accountability and 2 years experience supervising 20 or more associates/employees to include the responsibility of performance management, mentoring, hiring and firing.

How easy is it to move up in Walmart?

It is pretty easy to get promoted. I was hired on as stocking 2 team lead and after 4 months and am being asked to step up to coach, I think it’s all about how hard you work, accept walmart philosophy and culture and strive to encourage that on your team. It is easy, but you must understand two things.

Are grocery store jobs stressful?

Yes. Working at a grocery store can take its toll on you even if you become a manager. In fact, the more responsibilities you have, the more stressful they can become.

Which fast food chain pays employees the most?

Which Restaurants Pay the Most Hourly for an Entry-level Job?
  • Burger King: $9.86 per hour.
  • Subway: $11.52 per hour.
  • McDonald’s: $12.33 per hour.
  • Wendy’s: $12.38 per hour.
  • Dunkin Donuts: $12.54 per hour.
  • Chick-fil-A: $12.92 per hour.
  • Chipotle: $14.74 per hour.

Is it better to work at Walmart or Kroger?

Kroger is most highly rated for Culture and Walmart is most highly rated for Compensation and benefits. Learn more, read reviews and see open jobs.

Overall Rating.
Overall Rating 3.4 3.4
Management 2.9 3.0
Culture 3.2 3.2


What is the hardest job at Walmart?

The hardest to work in is definitely being a receiver. You not only have to be responsible for accountability of all merchandise coming into the building but also the integrity of the vendor upon accurate check ins.

What is the lowest paid position at Walmart?

According to our data, the highest paying job at Walmart is an Automotive Technician at $28,017,000 annually while the lowest paying job at Walmart is a Title Processor at $12,000 annually.

Is Walmart paying 30 an hour?

The company employed 1.6 million workers in the United States as of the end of March 2021, according to Walmart’s most recent annual report. In a tight labor market, Walmart boosted employees’ pay to $16.40 an hour and up to $30 an hour in “select roles and market.”

What do store managers do all day?

The typical day of a store manager involves overseeing retail operations, staff, store and product presentation, and customer service. They’re responsible for meeting sales goals, ordering inventory, and coaching staff and spend most of their time on the sales floor.

What position is higher than a store manager?

In hierarchical organizations, store managers usually rank above assistant managers and sales representatives but below general managers, regional managers and corporate executives.

How stressful is being a store manager?

Retail is one of the most stressful job environments on the block; not only do you have to deal with angry customers, but the threat of theft is ever-present. It’s stressful, to say the least. If you’re a retail manager at their wit’s end, here are five easy ways to ease your stress.

How much does a Best Buy cashier make?

Average Best Buy Cashier/Sales hourly pay in the United States is approximately $12.23, which is 6% above the national average.

What is Best Buy starting pay?

Best Buy Jobs by Hourly Rate
Job Title Range Average
Sales Associate Range:$10 – $17 Average:$13
Customer Service Specialist Range:$10 – $16 Average:$13
Inventory Specialist Range:$10 – $17 Average:$13
Retail Sales Associate Range:$12 – $20 Average:$14


How much does a Best Buy assistant Store Manager make?

Average Best Buy Assistant Store Manager yearly pay in the United States is approximately $60,702, which is 33% above the national average.

How many hours do managers work?

Managers work between 40-50 hour weeks.

How do managers bring up salary?

Tips for asking for a raise
  1. List your accomplishments from the past six months, the past year and your time with the company. …
  2. Know what a competitive salary looks like for your position. …
  3. Let your boss know what’s in it for them. …
  4. Be confident. …
  5. Provide your request in writing.

Is salary better than hourly?

Salaried employees enjoy the security of steady paychecks, and they tend to pull in higher overall income than hourly workers. They typically have greater access to benefits packages, bonuses, and paid vacation time. Some companies keep costs down by disallowing hourly employees from working overtime.

What qualifies a person to be a manager?

Manager Requirements:

Bachelor’s degree in business, management, or related field. More education or experience may be preferred or required. Strong understanding of business management, financial, and leadership principles. Excellent communication, interpersonal, leadership, coaching, and conflict resolution skills.

Is manager a high position?

In terms of hierarchy, managers typically rank higher than supervisors. Within most organizations, managers are regarded as middle-level management. They report to a director, someone within the C-suite, or vice president (VP). Often, they have the authority to hire, dismiss, or promote employees.

Is it hard to become a manager?

Becoming a manager is not for everyone, and that’s ok. Being a manager isn’t easy, but it can be rewarding. You’ll take on new responsibilities, grow as an individual, and help others achieve their potential. Often the move to management comes with a pay raise, but it isn’t free money.

How fast can you become a manager?

It takes 3 years of professional experience to become a manager. That is the time it takes to learn specific manager skills, but does not account for time spent in formal education. If you include the normal education requirements to complete a college degree, then it takes 6 to 8 years years to become a manager.

How do I become a manager with no experience?

Here are 8 steps to get hired as a manager if you’ve never managed people before:
  1. Seek out education. …
  2. Lead a project. …
  3. Mentor a teammate. …
  4. Support your supervisor. …
  5. Revise your resume. …
  6. Explore internal opportunities. …
  7. Consider assistant manager roles. …
  8. Prepare for interviews.

Do hiring managers know your age?

While supervisors cannot ask you how old you are, they can request evidence that you’re a legal working age or if you are over 18. Due to child labor laws, the company must be able to document employees’ ages to remain compliant, which is likely why an interviewer will ask if you can provide proof of age.

Do you have to have a degree to be a store manager at Walmart?

Walmart Store Manager Job Requirements

Education: A high school diploma or GED certificate is often a minimum requirement to become a store manager. Some employers may prefer an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, especially if the candidate has little or no experience in the retail industry.

Do you need a college degree to be a manager at a grocery store?

To become a grocery store manager, you need a high school diploma or GED certificate. However, some grocery store manager positions may require a bachelor’s degree in business management or a related field. Many grocery chains or corporations offer internal management training programs to current employees.

What does a manager do at a grocery store?

As a grocery store manager, your responsibilities may include hiring and training new employees, ensuring compliance with food safety laws, managing orders and vendor relationships, administrative record keeping, maintaining employee schedules, and tracking inventory.

Can you live on a Walmart salary?

You CAN make a living wage with Walmart. You just have to make sure you’re living within your lane and not spending more than you’re making. It’s very easy to do. Walmart can be a great place to work as long as you make the best of it and work hard.

Do Walmart managers make 6 figures?

Walmart Salary FAQs

The average salary for a Store Manager is $61,318 per year in Los Angeles, CA Area, which is 65% lower than the average Walmart salary of $175,386 per year for this job.

Do Walmart managers get bonuses?

As of January 2022, Walmart no longer offers bonuses to their staff. You may be thinking the greed of them, but wait. They backed this up by explaining that instead of bonuses, they would raise the hourly wage of all employees; it was a move preferred by all associates.

What is above a Walmart store manager?

The Store Manager is the highest role at the store. He/she manages a multi-million dollar business and reports to the Market Manager. The annual salary range for a Walmart Store Manager is $65,000 to $170,000.

How much does a general manager of a Walmart store make?

Store Manager

Manage a multi-million dollar business. The annual salary range for this position is $65,000 to $170,000.

Is 32 hours full-time at Walmart?

That is when they want you to work. It is not just Walmart I can promise you. Anything under 32 hours is considered part time. But to be considered full-time you have to work 32 hours or more for a minimum of 12 weeks.

What Walmart position pays the most?

Highest Paying Jobs At Walmart

The higher paying positions at Walmart include software engineer, co-manager, inventory management specialist, and department manager. A worker with the title software engineer salary at Walmart can earn an average yearly salary of $123,821.

How long are shifts at Walmart?

Overnight associates will be offered the opportunity to transition into a Merchandising position as a part of the Merchandise Services work group. Full-time associates will be given two shift options: Morning Shift: 4 am – 12:30 pm. Evening Shift: 3 pm – 11:30 pm.

What is the highest pay at Target?

Highest Paying Jobs At Target
Rank Job Title Hourly Rate
1 Senior Engineer $56.08
2 Protection Specialist $20.86
3 Stock Unloader $20.83
4 Store Manager $20.28


Is it better to work at Publix or Walmart?

Publix is most highly rated for Compensation and benefits and Walmart is most highly rated for Compensation and benefits.

Overall Rating.
Overall Rating 4.0 3.4
Work/life balance 3.7 3.3
Compensation and benefits 3.9 3.3
Job security and advancement 3.8 3.2
Management 3.5 3.0

How much does supermarket pay in Jamaica?

Grocery Store or Supermarket Jobs by Hourly Rate
Job Title Range Average
Job Title:Cashier Range:JA$154 – JA$229 Average:JA$183
Customer Service Associate Range:JA$0 – JA$0 (Estimated *) Average:JA$247

Who pays more Target or Walmart?

Target’s minimum wage ranges from $15 to $24, while Walmart’s ranges from $12 to $17. According to Glassdoor, the average hourly wage for cashiers and sales associates is $15 at Target and $13 at Walmart. Of the three most common jobs at each company, Target salaries were $23,328 higher than Walmart salaries.

What does 15 dollars an hour annually?

Based on a standard work week of 40 hours, a full-time employee works 2,080 hours per year (40 hours a week x 52 weeks a year). So if an employee makes $15 an hour working 40 hours a week, they make about $31,200 (15 multiplied by 2,080).

What does Starbucks pay per hour?

Starbucks Corporation pays its employees an average of $12.01 an hour. Hourly pay at Starbucks Corporation ranges from an average of $9.38 to $17.40 an hour.

What Publix position pays most?

Highest Paying Jobs At Publix
Rank Job Title Average Salary
1 Pharmacist Manager $84,461
2 Team Leader $39,097
3 Warehouse Selector $36,393
4 Order Selector $36,291


What position at Publix makes the most money?

Hourly pay at Publix Super Markets Inc ranges from an average of $10.65 to $18.29 an hour. Publix Super Markets Inc employees with the job title Meat Manager make the most with an average hourly rate of $18.49, while employees with the title Bagger make the least with an average hourly rate of $10.30.

What job pays the most in Publix?

The highest-paying job at Publix is a Lead SQA Analyst with a salary of $181,666 per year.

How much KFC pay an hour in Jamaica?

The average KFC hourly pay ranges from approximately $13 per hour for a Team Member/Cashier to $68 per hour for an IP Network Engineer. KFC employees rate the overall compensation and benefits package 2.9/5 stars. What is the highest salary at KFC?

What is the salary of cashier in supermarket?

Average More Supermarket Cashier salary in India is ₹ 1.2 Lakhs for less than 1 year of experience to 4 years. Cashier salary at More Supermarket India ranges between ₹ 0.2 Lakhs to ₹ 2.4 Lakhs.

What is the salary of supermarket workers?

Supermarket Salary
Annual Salary Hourly Wage
Top Earners $87,000 $42
75th Percentile $65,000 $31
Average $51,127 $25
25th Percentile $30,000 $14