How to write an hour and a half

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How do you write 1 hour and a half?

It is “one and a half hours” because you have more than one hour ( one hour plus half an hour ) hence implying that it is plural and not just a single hour. both “one” and “a half” are describing the noun “hour”, so two. the other way that it could be stated is “one hour and a half”.

Is it correct to write 1.5 hours?

1.5 hours is correct because it is over an hour. One would say 1 hour, but 1.5 hours. The difference is 1 hour in singular, 1.5 hours is plural.

How many hours is 1.5 hours?

We can convert 0.5 hours into minutes. 1.5 hours is therefore 1 hour and 30 minutes. Next we need to add together the whole hours we have spent, which was 3 on the first day, 2 on the second day and 1 on the third day: 3 + 2 + 1 = 6 hours.

How do you write 2 and half hours?

That form is normally only used for “an hour and a half”, which is indeed interchangeable with “one and a half hours”. When it’s hours plural, I’d only use “two and a half hours” – or the hyphenated version, “two-and-a-half hours”.

What is 1 and a half hours in decimals?

Common Time to Hours, Minutes, and Seconds Decimal Values
01:10:001.167 hrs4,200 sec
01:20:001.333 hrs4,800 sec
01:30:001.5 hrs5,400 sec
01:40:001.667 hrs6,000 sec

How do you say 0.5 hour?

Senior Member. The plural (hours) is used unless the phrase is used as an adjective (e.g. a 0.5 hour presentation, which in practice would be said as “a half-hour presentation” or “a thirty-minute presentation”). Pronunciation: zero point five or nought point five (point five seems to be AE).

Is it 1.5 hour or 1.5 hours?

In general, for some number of hours, plus some fraction of an hour, you’d use the number, plus the fraction, plus “hours”, plural. “Four and a half hours.”, “Three and three-quarters hours,” etc. However, for the specific case of 1.5 hours, the usual expression is “an hour and a half“.

Do you say 0.5 hour or 0.5 hours?

We say half an hour or thirty minutes. If you must use 0.5, it would need to be 0.5 of an hour.

How do you write 1.30 minutes?

1.30 minutes = 60 + (0.3 x 60) = 78 s. 1:30 hours = 90 minutes = 5,400 s = 5.400 ks, 1.30 hours = 60 + (0.3 x 60) = 78 minutes = 4,680 s = 4.680 ks. Why does it have to be “4 and a half hours” and not “4 and half hours”?

How long is half a hour?

Definition of half an hour

: 30 minutes I waited for half an hour.

What is the ratio of 30 minutes to 1.5 hours?

We have to convert 1.5 hours to minutes. 1.5 hours = 90 minutes. The required ratio is 1:3.

Whats .2 of an hour?

Decimal Hours-to-Minutes Conversion Chart
MinutesTenths of an HourHundredths of an Hour

How do you write 7 and a half hours?

‘ In decimal format one-half is expressed as ‘. 5’. So in decimal format this is expressed as 7.5 hours (7 and a half hours).

How do you write 3 and a half hours?

3½ hours. If you don’t have easy access to the Unicode character set, then it’s common to put a space between the whole numbers and the fractional numbers: 3 1/2 hours.

How do you write 2 and a half in a fraction?

You would say “two and one half.” The other format is an improper fraction where the numerator is greater than the denominator (5/2). Mathematicians would say that is five halves. You will find both types of fractions in your problems. Both of those examples represent the same value (2 1/2 = 5/2).

How do you write one and a half minutes?

When you say “one and a half” you are referencing more than one minute, so you must use the plural form “minutes”.

What is an hour and a half?

An hour and a half = 1 hour + 1 half (of an hour) = 90 minutes. . The meaning of “an hour and a half” is exactly the same as “one and a half hours”. The amount of time is identical, but the two structures are different.

How do you write hours and minutes?

The hour is represented by a two-digit number ranging from 00 to 23 (or 24), while the minutes are represented by a two-digit number ranging from 00 to 59. The colon is used as a separator between hour and minute: 00:15 (12:15 a.m. , i.e. 15 minutes after midnight)

Is it half an hour or half a hour?

half-hour” is commonly written with a dash (hyphen) and is a distinct word in the dictionary. So, “a half-hour” = 30 minutes = “half an hour”. Show activity on this post. In Australia we say ‘half an hour’.