What time aldi closed

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Why does Aldi close so early?

Aldi closes early so it can offer competitive prices. By closing at 8 pm, Aldi can save on labor costs and not pay employees when there are few customers.

What is the best time to go to Aldi?

To score the best deals on Aldi’s products, visit the store mid-week. On Wednesdays, new products are released and produce goes on sale. But make sure you head there in the morning so you can grab all of your groceries before anyone else.

Is Aldi open at 9.30 browsing?

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The changes mean Aldi will be opening its supermarkets half an hour earlier each day, providing extra time for customers to browse before tills open. It means stores across the country will open at 9.30am, rather than the usual 10am in line with Sunday trading rules.

Are the owners of Aldi and Trader Joe’s related?

CNBC explains Aldi was originally founded as a suburban German corner store which brothers Karl and Theo Albrecht inherited after World War II.