What time dies target close

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What Time Is Target least busy?

The best time to shop at Target is from 8 am to 10 am Monday through Friday. These hours right after stores open will be the least busy, and the shelves will be fully stocked with new items. Products are delivered daily to each Target store, and employees restock the shelves overnight between 12 am- 6 am.

Is Target only in Texas?

Turns out, the U.S. state with the most Target stores is California, where the company lists 200 locations. That’s followed by Texas (153 stores), Florida (126) and Illinois (100). The states with the fewest Targets are Vermont (1), Wyoming (2) and Alaska (3). Minnesota falls near the middle, with 73 Target locations.

Why did Target change its hours?

The retailer is trying to help customers with their holiday shopping. According to USA Today, Target is extending its hours to help customers with their holiday shopping in the days leading up to Christmas.

Does Ohio have Target?

Target Columbus Central Store, Columbus, OH.