What time do 99 cent store close

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Who owns 99 Cents Only Stores?

99 Cents Only Stores (also branded as The 99 Store) is an American price-point retailer chain based in Commerce, California.

99 Cents Only Stores.
Type Private
Owner Ares Management CPP Investment Board
Number of employees 17,000 (2017)
Website 99only.com


Does 99 cents make a dollar?

99 cents (99/100 of one cent) to merchandise with a base unit price of 99 cents. In almost all instances, this price rounded up to one dollar at the register and since that time, that is the amount a customer will be charged for merchandise at this price point.

Is everything 99 cents at the 99 cent store?

The 99 Cents Only model is different in that about half the merchandise is re-orderable product, but the other half is closeout merchandise or opportunistically purchased goods.

How many stores does 99 Cents Only have?

Corporate Profile: Founded in 1982, 99 Cents Only Stores LLC is the leading operator of extreme value stores in California and the Southwestern United States. The Company currently operates 384 stores in California, Texas, Arizona and Nevada.