What time do captain d’s close

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What kind of white fish does Captain D’s use?

Our Pollock are wild-caught in the northern Pacific Ocean. They are one of the most popular kinds of seafood in the United States and one of the most plentiful species in the world, so feel free to have another!

Why do they call it Captain D’s?

D” , the original name, was Danner Foods (Shoney’s) corporate shorthand for Ray Danner..the man that “took over” Shoneys from its namesake Alex Schoenbaum. It was later changed to Captain D’s. The D stands for Danner, Ray Danner opened it for his wife and he ran the shoneys in the area and had Danner foods.

What is in Captain D’s crab cakes?

The new crab cakes feature snow crab seasoned with butter, onions, garlic, and peppers. They’re available in a combo meal for $4.99 or as an appetizer of two crab cakes for $3.49. The $4.99 Grilled Crab Cakes Meal includes two crab cakes on a bed of rice with two sides of your choice and a breadstick.