what time do they close starbucks

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Starbucks’ branches generally open between 5am and 7am Monday to Friday, and close between 6pm and 8pm. Some stores keep the same opening hours over the weekend, while others open a bit later and shut a bit earlier. To avoid disappointment, it’s worth to check with your nearest one in advance.

Shops at Hilliard Rome Road

& Lane Ave., Columbus is the Starbucks you want to order from.

Ohio. There’s approximately one Starbucks for every 30,809 residents in Ohio.

In larger cities, Starbucks locations open around 5 a.m. to capture the weekday morning rush, but specific times may vary by location, especially in smaller cities, with some opening as late as 7 a.m. On weekends, locations generally open later, with some opening as late as 9 a.m. Same goes for holidays; individual …