What time does bart close

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Does the BART run at night?

BART is now running until midnight on all days. BART will also run 5-line service on Sundays for the first time ever when there is no single-tracking due to cable replacement work in San Francisco.

Is BART open until midnight?

Back to Normal Hours and Service

BART is back to full service. We’re open until around midnight every day. Weekday service frequency ranges from every 4 to 15 minutes until about 9pm.

Does the BART run 24 7?

A: We dispatch the last trains of the night at around midnight seven days of the week. The timing of the last trains depends on where you are and where you are going. Check the BART schedule (Trip Planner or Schedule by Station) to see the very last trains of the evening heading the direction you want to go.

What is the last BART train?

Weekday Service

Service hours continue to be 5am-midnight.