What time does cheddars close

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Did Cheddars get rid of onion rings?

Cheddars has permanently removed onion rings from their menu. They were very popular item on their menu and need to be reinstated. Life is tough and we all need happiness. Please bring back the onion ring.

Does Cheddars give you a free appetizer?

Cheddar’s scratch Kitchen is offering FREE Queso & Chips when you sign up up for their email program! You can get this offer when you purchase up to 2 adult entrees! After you sign up, you can use the COUPON for FREE Appetizers or Dessert (when you buy up to 2 adult entrees).

What do you wear to Cheddars?

Front of house has to wear all black, long sleeve shirts, black slacks, non-slip work shoes. Hygiene is key as well. Back of house gets their own hat with the Cheddars Logo on it, a Logo shirt, and you have to wear black slacks, and the standard non-slip work shoes.