What time does chicken express close

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Does Chicken Express use real chicken?

All our “fresh” (not frozen) chicken products are precisely marinated, dipped in a secret batter mix and cooked to perfection, giving our customers that hot and juicy flavoring so unique to Texas-based Chicken Express! Dine-in or drive-thru a location near you now, you’ll be happy you did!

Is Chicken Express only in Texas?

There are now more than 250 Chicken Express locations spread across Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana. We offer high quality, affordable meals that the whole family can enjoy.

How much is a gallon of sweet tea from Chicken Express?

Chicken Express Menu With Prices (Updated: August 2022)
Food Size Price
Soft Drink Jumbo $2.09
Tea – Sweet or Unsweetened Large $1.93
Tea – Sweet or Unsweetened Jumbo $2.09
Tea – Sweet or Unsweetened Gallon $3.49


What type of fish does Chicken Express use?

I finally was told the truth about what kind of fish they severe and guess what? it is Basa fish as I thought. A manager finally told me that it was Basa fish from Thailand or Viet Nam. They can’t call it cat fish any more.