What time does christiana mall close

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Why does Christiana Mall close early?

Malls have cut their hours of operation in response to coronavirus and declining business. Christiana Mall is now open from noon to 7 p.m. Occupants with outside entrances may have different hours.

What time can you walk in Christiana Mall?

Mall walking

Mall walkers have access to the center beginning at 10 am Monday through Saturday and at 11 am on Sunday.

How many stores are in the Christiana Mall?

Easily accessible from I-95, this desirable shopping and dining destination between Baltimore and Philadelphia offers over 130 stores and a 17-screen Cinemark theater.

What restaurants are coming to Christiana Mall?

Here’s what’s new.
  • Lovisa. Lovisa is an “affordable fashion jeweler” with locations nationwide, including several in New Jersey and New York shopping malls. …
  • Purple. …
  • Miniso. …
  • Popeyes. …
  • Tommy’s Tavern + Tap and Tio Taco + Tequila Bar.