What time does csl plasma close

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How much do you get for donating plasma in Ohio?

Thanks for being a donor!

*Donors can get up to $1,000. Payments and promotions for eligible, qualified donors vary by location and weight. Ask the center manager at your preferred donation location for details.

Which CSL plasma Center pays the most?

What Are the Highest Paying Plasma Donation Centers?
Plasma Donation Center Pay Rate (Public)
CSL Plasma $20 and $100 per visit
BioLife Plasma $30 and $40 per visit
BPL Plasma $20 to $50 per visit
Interstate Blood Bank Up to $50 per visit


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What do you need to donate plasma in Ohio?

If you’re a first-time plasma donor, you’ll need a current, valid photo ID (must be 18 years old), Social Security Card & proof of current address (such as a piece of mail postmarked in the past 30 days, or a current lease). Active military are to provide the address where they receive mail & their physical address.

Does donating plasma make you tired?

For most people, donating plasma does not cause any side effects, but some donors can experience fatigue, bruising, bleeding, or dehydration. Additionally, you may feel dizzy or lightheaded. While not typical, fainting can also occur. It’s rare, but more serious infections or reactions can occur, which can be treated.