What time does fleet farm close

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Where is the largest Fleet Farm?

West Bend, WI – The long-awaited news of a new Fleet Farm being built in West Bend finally appears to be moving forward. According to Mayor Kraig Sadownikow a concept plan for a new Fleet Farm will be discussed at the Aug. 7 Plan Commission meeting.

Does Fleet Farm sell stamps?

Buy your hunting, fishing, and other DNR licenses and stamps. We are your one stop license shop. You click it, we pick it. Buy your items online, we’ll get it ready, then you pick it up in store.

Is Fleet Farm a Midwest thing?

Our Stores

Fleet Farm has 47 locations across the Upper Midwest, spanning Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin. In fall 2022, we will open the 48th new store in Hastings, Minnesota. We also have plans to open a new store in Muskego, Wisconsin in 2023.

Does Fleet Farm Price Match tires?

If you find a lower price on an exact item we carry, just bring in the ad and we’ll match the price.