What time does fry’s close

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Where is the largest Fry’s in Arizona?

On , Downtown Phoenix got its very first full-service grocery store. It’s located on the ground floor of a high-rise apartment complex and spans a whopping 67,000 square feet. Have you ever been to a Fry’s with its own parking garage?

Who is Fry’s owned by?

Kroger Family of Companies – Fry’s Food Stores.

Are Frys only in Arizona?

There are 55 US States and Territories without any Fry’s Food and Drug locations.

What was Fry’s called before?

In June 2000, Kroger transferred the management of Fred Meyer’s stores to Fry’s Food and Drug. The Fred Meyer stores were rebranded as Fry’s Marketplace, unifying the stores under the Fry’s brand.