What time does giant eagle close

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Did Giant Eagle change its name?

Stop-n-Shop is a 40-year-old banner in Cleveland that was used by Riser Foods, which Giant Eagle acquired last year. Once the name change is completed, the stores will retain the family names they use now, such as Rini-Rego Giant Eagle rather than Rini-Rego Stop-n-Shop, the company said.

How many Giant Eagle stores are in Ohio?

The state with the most number of Giant Eagle locations in the US is Ohio, with 101 locations, which is 50% of all Giant Eagle locations in America.

Are Giant and Giant Eagle the same?

Giant and Giant Eagle marks identify very similar goods or services, i.e., retail grocery stores. Both stores have deli, meat, flower, produce, and prepared food departments, and that each store carries its own corporate brand.

What time does Giant Eagle in Moon open?

Wednesday 7AM – 9PM
Thursday 7AM – 9PM
Friday 7AM – 9PM
Saturday 7AM – 9PM
Sunday 7AM – 9PM