What time does hannaford close

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Who owns Hannaford Supermarkets?

2016. Hannaford becomes part of the newly formed company Ahold Delhaize through the merger of Delhaize Group and Ahold.

Are Food Lion and Hannaford the same?

In the United States, Ahold owns Giant, Stop & Shop and the online grocery service Peapod. Delhaize owns Hannaford and Food Lion. Those stores are expected to keep their names.

Why is Hannaford called Hannaford?

Hannaford is an American supermarket chain based in Scarborough, Maine. Founded in Portland, Maine, in 1883, Hannaford operates stores in New England and New York.

Hannaford Brothers Company.
Trade name Hannaford
Type Subsidiary of Ahold Delhaize
Industry Retail grocery store
Founded 1883 in Portland, Maine, U.S.
Founder Arthur Hannaford


Is Hannaford owned by Stop and Shop?

The parent companies of Hannaford Supermarkets and Stop & Shop announced Wednesday that they have reached a merger agreement. Belgium-based Delhaize Group, the parent company of Hannaford Supermarkets, said it has reached an agreement to merge with Netherlands-based Ahold, which owns Stop & Shop.