What time does heb close today

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What does H-E-B stand for now?

That’s H-E-B; you pronounce the letters. They stand for Howard E. Butt, which sounds like a playground taunt but was the actual name of the supermarket chain’s founder. Nowadays, the initials also stand for “Here Everything’s Better,” the store’s slogan.

What is H-E-B known for?

An curved arrow pointing right. Texans love local grocery chain H-E-B. The store has been around for over 100 years. It’s known for its cafe serving build-your-own pizzas and sandwiches, excellent produce selection, and own-brand products.

Who owns H-E-B now?

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The Butt family owns the Texas-based H.E.B. grocery store chain, which started in 1905 when Florence Butt opened a small grocery store with just $60. Her son Howard Butt took over in the 1920s and expanded it across Texas, renaming it the H.E.

What states have H-E-B stores?

H-E-B is an international chain

While Texas is currently the only state in the U.S. where you can find an H-E-B store, there are locations in Mexico too. The first international location opened in Monterrey, Mexico in 1997.