What time does lagoon close

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How late is Laguna beach Open at Lagoon?

1 Open from 10 AM – 9 PM. Lagoon-A-Beach is Open! Campground is Open! 2 Open from 10 AM – 9 PM.

What day is the least busy at Lagoon?

Go on a weekday

Save yourself a lot of time in line and plan your Lagoon Day for a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Lagoon has no Fastpass or Skip-the-Line options, so it pays to arrive early and pick days with lighter crowds if you don’t want to wait long for Cannibal and other popular rides.

Can you walk around with beer at Lagoon?

Am I Allowed to Bring Coolers and/or Outside Food and Drink into Lagoon? Yes, we do allow guests to bring outside food and drink. However, for safety reasons we ask that you do not bring any glass bottles or containers.

What should I wear to Lagoon?

Wear clothing you can’t get wet. Don’t wear anything that might be ruined if it gets wet. It’s hot, hot, hot at Lagoon during the summer months, and the park has several great rides with water features to cool you off.