What time does legoland close

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Can you finish LEGOland a day?

So you can do LEGOLAND in 1 day, and rush through everything, or 2 days, and take your time. The benefit of taking your time is that you can see the shows, play with the Legos, play on the structures, etc and not feel pressured.

How long is LEGOland closed?

Legoland California Reopens After 13-Month Closure.

What age is good for LEGOland?

If there was a prime age for LEGOLAND, the 6 – 9 age group would likely fit the bill. There are almost no height requirements that they won’t reach, and there is so much to do. The Dragon Coaster – The Dragon Coaster is a perfect intro roller coaster for kids, and is legitimately fun.

Can you sleep at LEGOland?

Suites sleep up to 7 (max 4 adults). There are 5 themes – Kingdom, LEGO NINJAGO and LEGO Friends (first floor), Pirate (second floor), Adventure (third floor). Fully Themed Rooms offer additional LEGO décor and models throughout the room, allowing guests to become fully immersed in the theme.