What time does price chopper close

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What’s the difference between Market 32 and Price Chopper?

Price Chopper’s parent company announced Tuesday morning that it’s rebranding as “Market 32,” part of larger campaign to modernize its stores. The “32” is reference to the chain being founded in 1932.

Who Bought Out Price Chopper?

Tops Markets has completed its deal with Price Chopper/Market 32. Tops Markets has completed its merger with Price Chopper/Market 32. The two supermarket chains said Monday they had received the green light from the Federal Trade Commission. The companies had announced the deal in February.

Did Market 32 Buy Price Chopper?

What it means for shoppers and stores. ALBANY – Price Chopper/Market 32 and Tops Markets received approval late Monday for their merger, and 12 stores will be sold as part of an agreement with state and federal officials to ensure competition in some small markets.

Who owns the Golub Corporation?

Ownership. Currently, 100% of all voting common shares of The Golub Corporation are controlled by a select few members of the Golub family. Golub is one of the leading employers in the Capital District of New York. Former CEO and current Chairman Neil Golub is a well-known philanthropist in the region.