What time does ralphs close

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Is Ralphs going out of business?

Kroger Is Shutting Down Ralphs, Food 4 Less Stores in L.A. | Progressive Grocer.

Is Ralphs only in California?

Ralphs Grocery Company operates a supermarket chain in California. The Company operates 465 “Ralph’s” stores in the Southern and Northern regions of California and the Midwest. Ralphs also operates 800 food and drug stores in 11 states through its Fred Meyer, Inc. subsidiary.

Is Ralphs closing in California?

Another three Kroger grocery stores in the Los Angeles area, two Ralphs and one Food 4 Less, are set to close in mid-May: Ralphs: 9616 West Pico Blvd., in Pico-Robertson. Ralphs : 3300 West Slauson Ave., in Hyde Park. Food 4 Less – 5420 West Sunset Blvd., in East Hollywood.

Why are Ralphs closing?

Two Ralphs stores were also shutting down, located at 9616 West Pico Boulevard and 3300 West Slauson Avenue. The closures come after the city of Los Angeles voted to require grocery chains to pay workers an additional $5 per hour for approximately four months.