What time does restaurant depot close

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Is Restaurant Depot cheaper than Costco?

Restaurant Depot’s per-pound prices tend to be slightly lower than Costco’s. If this is the driving factor in your decision, then you might want to head to Restaurant Depot first.

Who is Restaurant Depot owned by?

The bulk of Nathan “Natie” Kirsh’s fortune comes from U.S.-based Jetro Holdings, which owns restaurant supply stores Jetro Cash and Carry and Restaurant Depot. Kirsh owns 70% of the company, which supplies wholesale goods to bodegas, small stores and restaurants in the United States.

Can I use my Restaurant Depot card out of state?

Use your card to shop at any Restaurant Depot location across the USA. Once you’ve purchased, you will be able to log in to our Online Catalog.

Is there an app for Restaurant Depot?

Restaurant Depot Mobile 4+

This app is designed exclusively for Restaurant Depot members. They can log in to view inventory, create a shopping list or order online for delivery or pickup. This app allows active members to create and submit orders for the Click & Collect and Delivery services (where available).