What time does sawgrass mall close

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How many stores are in Sawgrass Mills mall?

The mainstay of South Florida outlet shopping since it was built in 1990, this alligator-shaped mall encompasses more than 2.4 million square feet of space, brimming with more than 355 stores, including over 70 luxury outlets, and 16 restaurants.

Is Aventura Mall bigger than Sawgrass?

Aventura mall is a bit more upscale, its not as big as sawgrass. you will find big fancy names there, as well as some other stores. look at the store directory for both malls and decide based on what you are looking for!

Is Sawgrass Mills mall busy?

Recent visitors note that the mall can become extremely crowded – especially on weekends and around the holidays – and you may have to search for a spot in the free parking lot. To avoid these issues, get to the mall at opening time or plan your visit for a weekday.

What is the best day to go to Sawgrass Mills?

A tip from the sales associate: Fridays and Saturday mornings are the best days to shop Coach, as that’s when new items hit shelves. On the far end of the Colonnade, you’ll find Barneys New York (954-331-1260), Juicy Couture (954-846-1247), Theory (954-838-9595) and Kate Spade (954-838-9268).