What time does smoothie king close

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Does Smoothie King still do $5 smoothies on Fridays?

Every Friday. Savor 32 ounces of flavor-packed freshness for just $5 every Friday at a Smoothie King near you. 32oz meal smoothies are $6.

Does Smoothie King give free smoothies?

Smoothie King Welcomes 2021 With Free Smoothies and a New Blend to Help Guests Achieve New Year Goals.

Are smoothie Kings smoothies healthy?

Can smoothies be good for you? When it comes to Smoothie King and our smoothie blends, the answer is a resounding yes! You’ll get the health-maximizing benefits of natural, real fruits with 0 grams added sugars. Such a healthy approach, however, is not common to many other smoothie shops.

Does Ohio have Smoothie King?

At Smoothie King Columbus, we believe in helping each guest meet their health and fitness goals. That’s why our ingredients are chosen carefully, and every one of our blends is crafted purposefully, so you can rule the day.