What time does subway close near me

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What type of bread does Subway have?

All of Subway’s heated sandwich bread options — white bread, Italian, nine-grain wheat, honey oat, Italian herbs and cheese, nine-grain multiseed and hearty Italian — have sugar contents of 10 percent.

Do subways have hero bread?

Hero Bread can be selected as the bread choice for any Subway® sandwich and each 6-inch serving size has 0g sugar, 1g net carb, 100 calories and 12g protein. Hero Bread™ is a San Francisco-based food technology company that makes real bread with zero to one net carb per serving.

Is all Subway meat halal?

The sandwiches served in selected Subway stores have contained halal meat since 2007, while all Pizza Express chicken is halal. Even McDonald’s trialled a halal offering, before deciding the changes required to its kitchen procedures would be too great.