What time does sun tan city close

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How long is the fastest bed at Sun Tan City?

Our Tanning Bed Options
  • Fast. 20 Minute Max. Our FAST tanning beds are our best value for getting your base tan and maintaining it. …
  • Faster. 15 Minute Max. Our FASTER tanning beds will generally give you a base tan 2-3 times faster than our FAST tanning bed. …
  • Fastest. 12 Minute Max. …
  • Instant. 12 Minute Max.

How often should you spray tan?

But with these regular appointments, many people wonder “how often should I spray tan?” The answer depends, but for most people, having a spray tan appointment every 9-12 days is the perfect cadence to maintain your glow and get the most out of each tan.

What is the best tanning bed at Sun Tan City?

The instant bed is the best bet at suntan city with five to ten times better results. You’re going to achieve your based in in only two to three sessions. Not to mention only two to four visits a

What tanning bed gets you tan the fastest?

INSTANT HP LEVEL & our newest Alpha Deluxe KBL 7900

Our instant sun tanning beds are the best way to get a tan fast. Get your base tan generally 5-10 times faster than our Silver sunbeds – it takes just 2-3 visits!