What time does target drive up close

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How long are drive up orders held at Target?

How long will a store hold my Drive Up or Order Pickup order? shows more content. Drive Up and Order Pickup orders are held for three days. If your order isn’t picked up within three days, we’ll cancel the order and issue a refund to your original form of payment unless your order contains fresh grocery.

Is Target drive up always 2 hours?

When your Drive Up or Order Pickup order is ready for pickup, you’ll receive a pickup notification usually within 2 hours. Select stores may take up to 6 hours to have your order ready.

Do you tip Target drive up?

Shoppers do accept tips! If you’re happy with the service you’ve received, we encourage you to tip your shopper as well as rate them.

Does Target keep drive up cold?

Both Drive Up and Order Pickup will offer the same product selection, we understand. Target says the fresh and frozen items will be stored in temperature-controlled storage in the pickup area in the front of the store, until the customer arrives for their pickup.