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White Marsh Mall

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White Marsh Mall is a regional shopping mall in the unincorporated and planned community of White Marsh, Maryland. It is one of the largest regional malls in the Baltimore metropolitan area, with 6 anchor stores and 134 specialty shops in 1,200,000 square feet.

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Address: 8200 Perry Hall Blvd, Baltimore, MD 21236
Phone: (410) 931-7101
Opened: August 12, 1981
Owner: Brookfield Properties
Number of stores and services: 134
Number of anchor tenants: 5
No. of floors: 2 (1 in Dave and Buster’s and Macy’s Home Store)

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What is the curfew at White Marsh Mall?

Parental Guidance Required hours and days are subject to change. 2. Unsupervised youths shopping prior to 5:00PM on Friday and Saturday evenings must leave the mall by 5:00PM, or immediately be joined by a parent or supervising adult age 21 or older.

How many stores are in the White Marsh Mall?

With a convenient location, ample parking, this mall is your one-stop shop. Indulge in more than 130 stores and then grab a bite at one of the popular casual sit-down restaurants.

Do you need a mask at White Marsh Mall?

There are signs at each mall entrance stating masks must be worn.

What is being built near White Marsh Mall?

The project by Randallstown-based Village Development Group will have 209 townhouses, 25 single-family homes, 340 apartment units and a 200-unit assisted living complex as well as a public park.

Who owns White Marsh Mall?

What stores are at the Avenue White Marsh?

How old is White Marsh Mall?

When did White Marsh Mall open?

What is the zip code for White Marsh Maryland?

What is being built at Perry Hall Shopping Center?

PERRY HALL, MD—Baltimore County Councilman David Marks on Monday announced that a 7,200-square foot day care center is eyeing a location at the Perry Hall Square Shopping Center. The building would be located along the Ebenezer Road edge of the shopping center across from Perry Hall Elementary and Middle Schools.

When did White Marsh Mall open?

What is the zip code for White Marsh Maryland?