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Is Rite Aid owned by Walgreens?

Deals With Walgreens and Albertsons

In October 2015, Walgreens (WBA) announced it would acquire Rite Aid for $9 per share. Rite Aid’s shareholders approved the deal a few months later in February 2016.

Why did Rite Aid change their colors?

Company’s logo is changing colors to signal shift to wellness. Rite Aid is looking to attract more female Gen Xers and millennials.

Is Rite Aid owned by Amazon?

Sale of stores to Walgreens

On , Walgreens announced that it would acquire Rite Aid for $9.4 billion, pending regulatory and shareholder approval. The deal would have resulted in a merger of two of the United States’ three largest pharmacy chains.

Does Rite Aid price match?

Rite Aid stores will not match any prices or specials on the Site. The Site will not match prices or specials in the Rite Aid stores. We make reasonable efforts to provide accurate information about prices on the Site. Nevertheless, pricing errors may appear on the Site.